3 x 0!!!



Everybody knows we are the best.

u.U ....Todos lo sabíamos.. pero siempre existe la esperanza, pero ahora que quedamos desclasificados mis fuerzas son a Brasil.. la idea es que un equipo sudamericano sea el campeón!

Hooray for Brasil (he shouted, at the same time sobbing over the loss of the USA team to Ghana)!

It's been a fantastic Copa Mundial thus far (although I must say that the officiating has, at times, been very bad).

I was sad for all mis amigos mexicanos that Team Mexico lost. I am happy for a dear friend because she's from Uruguay and they won.

Actually, it's a lot of mixed emotions because I just love el futbol!

Whoever wins, they will have earned it, that's for sure!

Again, felicidades al equipo brasileno por su victoria!!

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