Born In Brazil


The June issue of Wallpaper is dedicated to Brazil, the most exciting country on earth, and it features my new obsession Ricardo Figueiredo on the cover. I am already counting the days to get my hands on it.

Image via Frillr.


Great shot on the cover, would be even greater if it wasn't on a cloudy day. But it's a stunning pic. Love it.

This is good.

If I see the Fasano rooftop in one more photo I will barf...

He has my family name. Had to be good. :)

I saw this in my favorite newstand yesterday and snatched it up super-fast! It's a great issue as well as an enjoyable read (Wallpaper is one of my favorite magazines). What is interesting about the June issue of Wallpaper is that it has been printed with alternate covers. There is this cover with Ricardo Figueiredo and there is this same issue with a different cover that uses the same setting and background, but with a female model whose name I unfortunately do not know.

hahaha, i was there when they were shooting this shot at the roof top.

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