In My Next Life I Want To Have Michael Roberts' Job



Because right now he is backstage at the shows in Rio hanging out with all the boys (including Mr. Lachowski and Mr. Figueiredo above), while I am humbly uploading backstage pictures that were not even taken by me. 

View more pictures at the R. Groove show in Rio yesterday after the jump.





All pictures by Sergio Mattos.


Yep, that's a pretty good job!!

The "clothing adjuster" has an even better job!

good job

Made in Brazil,
Can you please translate what Julianna Imai talked about in her recent appearance on Altas Horas.
I don't speak Portuguese & am a fan of Julianna. The audience seemed to be oohing and ahhing when she was talking to the host which made me even more curious. HELP!!!!!!
Thank You...Hoping to hear from you soon!!!!!!!!!

I want to work near beauty too. I hope I will. Beauty is more important than food. or even money.

We all do we all do! Ah Francisco.

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