Boys, Boys, Boys


Brazilian photographer Michael William started out as a model shooting his model friends in between jobs and castings. My friend Heleno sent me some samples of his work this week, and I wanted to share them with you guys. View more after the jump.






For more of Michael's work, visit his website.

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Please keep the boys, boys, boys coming. Specially if they are cute, lean and muscular.

I repeat: There is nothing more beautiful than a young man in his prime. They are so beautiful that even straight guys buy clothes because of them.

It is primordial. it is inevitable and unavoidable.

"It is primordial. it is inevitable and unavoidable."
Muito poético.
Assim a beleza é como a guerra! Estou correto, soldado?

Nas palavras de Andy Warhol, "No começo tudo era belo!" :::

Mostly lovely faces, but the bods are
much too emaciated. I worry about them.
Are they being fed enough by their
keepers? Send some of them to me, and
I will bulk them up--especially #1.

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