Here's What I've Been Working On Since December (Or Actually August )



4 months. 22 top Brazilian male models. 5 newcomers. 1 photographer. 1 stylist. 96 pages. 1,000 copies. And has a lot more.

Made In Brazil Magazine #1 will be available for purchase online starting Wednesday of next week, when we launch the webtsite for the project. We will ship overseas from Brazil as well, so that everyone will be able to get a copy.

A little more from me about the project after the jump.

We started working on the first issue of the magazine by mid-December when most of the boys were in the country for Christmas, and did not finish until early March when we finally could get a day in São Paulo with some of the boys that were in our initial list of boys we must shoot for the project.

I can't thank you guys enough for all the emails I have been receiving since last night when posted an exclusive preview of the first issue, which is entirely dedicated to Brazilian male models. I promise to write a very detailed post about the magazine, and what the project is going to be all about as soon as I have more time. 

I also wanted to say thank you to my collaborators and very good friends Cristiano Madureira and Heleno Manoel for embarking on this crazy project, and to all the boys who took their time to pose for the first issue. Some of them got on a bus for over 6 hours to see us, while others spent a day in São Paulo in between going from Paris to New York just to make this happen. We love you (and your bookers too).

Expect to hear a lot more about it starting today.


It looks awesome!
Parabéns! (:

Exciting, it looks great! I hope rates for delivery overseas are realistically priced and not US$40.00 like the BUTCH merchandise... Just wishful thinking and a heads up ;)

I'm so very happy for you! Without this blog I wouldn't have a clue what was going on back in Brasil. Please let me know if there is a place to sign-up for the magazine. I need a copy in NYC for my collection!

so this is why your blogs were less than usual the past months.... :))

Can't wait to subscribe. If the magazine is half as fabulous as your website it will be worth it. Congratulations

This is really amazing! I will buy one, i hope you can send it to Boston. In case it is possible, I will buy a subscription.

You have a great taste, knowledge and instinct. Things that make a great editor.

OMG!!! I need a copy ASAP... That's like my dream cast of models!! very happy for you, the magazine looks just PERFECT!!!!

Hey!!! Congrats on your magazine! Im sure it will be wonderfull, the cover is already taking my breath away.
Just one thing, the last 2 links are broken.
Hugs!!! Congrats again

Hi! Is this project going to be extended to an iPhone/iPad app magazine?!

The first one is probably going to be exclusively print, although we are launching a site next week. We may later also release an iPad version but with totally different content.

where can we buy in europe?

That looks wonderful! I love the first picture!

it's always exciting MIB when you come down into the crowd to shake hands

the print magazine is super size, right? that's a smart editorial decision, a nice change of pace from tiny images on computer screens ** your next step should be a crossover into cinema **

I'm curious to see if the mag includes narrative text --
and what language is it written in?


Finalmente .... can't wait to get my hands on a copy ... when is it coming to Portugal?

Congratulations! Looking forward to have it on my hands.

Really great thing,it will be a success,with the best brazilian guys,and with that beautiful pic of Evandro!Hope you'll get what you deserve,wish you the best.

Hugs from Italy.

Congratulations!!! I will definitely buy!!!

Wow!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!

I can`t wait to get my copy!!!!!!!!! =)


Congratulation !!! Thanks for introducing me to the gorgeous Brazilian boys...

OMG I think this is absolutely goregeous.I can`t wait to get a copy, hopefully it will work because I`m from germany.

Greetings from Germany and go on guys

cant wait to get my copy in hands!

Congratulations! We can't wait to get our hands on a copy here at ACEBOYS. We wish you continued success -keep up the amazing work guys!

Parabéns, muito bom, sucesso pra você, menino.

I am very much looking forward to your magazine. MIB is an absolutely essential part of my day and a most enjoyable and informative one at that! I wish you much success!

I want it.

When can I get my hands on a copy?!!!

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