Jesus Luz Works Up A Sweat In German GQ


Made In Brazil has a sneak peek at the workout story with Jesus Luz in the latest German GQ. View more images after the jump.





Thanks to reader Thomas for sending the images.


gente ele só não tem mais cara de porteiro por causa do olhos.

omg...he's getting better...slightly.


Why, oh why?

he's adorable, but why is he a super model?


Did they really pay him for THAT? They shouldn't have use his face on the ad just like in most of his good pictures. People are not even going to remember him for anything but Madonna. Such of waste on time and whatever they're trying to sell.

From the photos, especially the last one showing the top of the Amoreiras Towers, I can see this was shot in Lisbon, Portugal. Probably at the top of the Sheraton or Ritz hotels... I wonder if they'll show up in other GQs...

Everybody says "No one will remember him for anything but Madonna". But Madonna has moved on and here we are, still talking about Jesus Luz. He must be doing something right.

esta buenisimo

whatever. ele e bonito demais. I think he helped Madonna as much as she helped him. She's getting old and she needed to show her young fire again, plus I'm sure she enjoyed some pau brasileiro. She used to pick up latin hookers in NY back in the's not like she's changed. Jesus is Jesus..a young model who dated a superstar. Madonna, however, is an old yet wealthy woman, with two children and great husband who left him and jumped on some boys for a while. I feel it was more than Madonna used him to benefit her young latin status.

Jesus is hot whether you like it or not. Get in. The shot is super 70s, which, if you see Beyonce's new video you will realize is the new 'thing'.

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