Dedicated To My Teen Readers


Newcomer Ramon Durr at 40 Graus Models in Rio.

Pictures by Alexandro Adds.


oh my god, I want one of this haha

He is adorable. Reminds me somehow of that actor that plays young superman.

too pretty looking for me..i love me the male model keith hernandez, the model for american eagle...check him out on youtube serenading korean model hyoni...the guy is hot...i'm way older than him but i can't help but blush like a schoolgirl everytime i see him.
please feature him!!!!!!

Teen readers? I would say ALL readers. Just look at that beautiful face!

Ramon is delightful. He has an Arthur Sales
kind of "normal" beauty. I LOVE his irregular
and splendid teeth, his sweetly freckled shoulder,
his lack of eyelashes. Please post many more
pix of him--as unclothed as possible.

he DOES remind me of that young superman actor too....

Brief addendum: Gorgeous Ramon reminds me
of the Superman actor too--his name is Tom
Welling, a drop-dead handsome 'god' coming
up on 33 years old.

But sad to say, the resemblance is only
facial. Welling's superb bod is vastly
more developed than poor skinny Ramon's.
The child needs to eat tons of nutritious
food and spend ages in the gym sculpting

Ramon should take body-development lessons
from those supreme maestros: Carlos Freire
and Edilson Nascimento, who remain my all-
time heroes.

amei quero ver as minha ai ok!

so nice *-*

Esse menino tem uma carreira brilhante pela frente !

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