Speedo Break


Gymnast Diego Hypólito and friends at the beach in Ipanema yesterday (judging by his friends' average height, I think it is safe to assume they are all gymnasts).



(Image Source: AgNews)   


Yes, they're all gymnasts from the brazilian olympic team, btw. They're spending a training season in Rio, at Flamengo's gym.

In third pic, who's the hottie in the black sunga with white stripes? Delicioso!

very funny comment about the height, they could perform as HOBBITS in a gay Lord of the Rings

I love Diego! He's so hot and cute! (Please consider starting a 'stalking' series on him! haha)

Nooo. If stalking is the word, do it with the guy on Diego's right side. This one is smoking hot. And handsome!

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