My Prayers Have Been Answered


We finally have a reasonably interesting cover of Vogue Brazil, not shot on a seamless white background for a change, and with glittery letters which look even better when scanned. Now who do we have to thank for that? The brilliant Alber Elbaz, who conceived not only the cover, but also an exclusive spread for the December issue of the magazine, shot by Stéphane Gallois.

And on even more exciting news about Vogue Brazil, I have heard that the title has been recently bought by Editora Globo, and that the new publisher is already hiring a new staff to start working on the March 2010 issue. If the rumors are true, there is a chance Editora Globo may get rid off the entire staff and hire some professionals who are capable of creating a magazine that is original and relevant, which people can actually look forward to every month. I am so excited about the news I can almost scream.

Want more Alber? View his Lanvin spread for the December issue after the jump.




I will not be posting scans from the other editorials because the Lanvin story is the only good thing about the entire December issue. I am afraid if I post scans from the other editorials it may put you guys to sleep (and I am seriously hoping that I will never have to say things like that again once the new editors take over next year).


Vamos rezar para a Ed Globo não colocar as celebridades brasileiras cafonas nas capas. A Vogue ainda é uma das últimas revistas q coloca modelos na capa...E seria bom q continuasse assim né?



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