Too Sexy For Monday: Thomaz de Oliveira



Photographer Cristiano Madureira shot Thomaz de Oliveira for this month's The Boy. View the entire spread here, and watch the making of video after the jump.


Reminds me of a young Paul Newman.

I can see the resemblance with the young Paul Newman, but Newman was very white with blue eyes, and this guy is typical Brazilian. I think that Paul Newman is more beautiful in an abstract sense, but Thomaz is hotter. I mean, He is the kind of guy you can see walking out of the ocean wearing only speedos, ready for a glass of beer and ready for love. I cannot picture Newman doing that so easily.

Latin lovers are hotter.

Damn, right-- "Latin lovers are hotter!" I found that out from the first time that I visited Brazil, and my friend and I still hold to this F A C T!!!!!

A Brazilian Will Chalker.

Wow, Paul Newman with a tan. Fucking hell! He's hot.

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