Fortunately There Are Still Seven Years Left Until The 2016 Olympics

As much as I prefer to report on the pretty things about Brazil, I just could not avoid to mention the war between two rival drug gangs which erupted over the weekend in Rio. A police helicopter was shot and brought down, and several people were killed in this latest confrontation between the police and drug gangs.

Can we start a campaign to get Rudolph Giuliani down to Rio de Janeiro asap?

Read more about the incident at AFP.


Trust me, you don't want Rudy Giuliani down in Rio. Not unless you want every gay club and bar shut down along with the gangs. Raymond Kelly is your better bet.

Whatever you say about Rudy Giuliani, he turned NYC around. After he left office, he did go to Brasil as a consultant on reducing crime. He had his buddy Bernard Kerik with him. Kerik was the REAL bad guy during the Giuliani administration. Well, anyway, I hope Brasil gets this under control. When will Brasilians unite, stand up together and say "BASTA!"?

Another one wondering why you'd want Giuliani. He's close to a despot. It was his police commissioner, Bill Bratton, who got the crime rate down.

I'm a New Yorker, and I agree with Ken and David. You don't want Giuliani, unless you want to throw away millions on an arrogant, egomaniacal "consultant". It was Bratton and Kelly who did the job. Seems to me you have to professionalize the Rio police force and pay them a lot better. Can an honest Rio cop support a family on his salary?

I had a friend who lived in Brazil. One night a conflict erupted between the police and drug lords. It scared him but his neighbors turned off their televisions and opened the windows. They considered it good entertainment which happened regularly.

The day our country ends up extreme poverty and drug consumption (and other countries do), that day perhaps will this violence stop. Not everything in Brasil is glamour.

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