Oi Fashion Rocks In Pictures (And More About Mariah)


Can someone please explain to me why Mariah Carey was chosen to perform at the Calvin Klein runway show at Oi Fashion Rocks this past Saturday? The pairing makes no sense to me, and apparently it made no sense to Mariah either. Not only did she forget to introduce designer Francisco Costa at the end of the show, but she also refused to wear Calvin Klein for her performance, opting instead for a corseted Dolce & Gabanna dress in which she could not even walk in.

View more pictures of Oi Fashion Rocks in Rio de Janeiro after the jump.













I would have posted pictures of the red carpet but there was seriously nothing worth posting other than Donatella Versace. Next year Katie Grand should also be put in charge of styling all Brazilian celebs. Lord knows most of them could use the help.

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Ms Carey needs someone to select her clothes for her other than she; "the girl" always looks stuffed in them; thus her upper portion looks oh, so very atrocious!

God! I pity those two guys who had to lift Ms. Carey off the ground! She looks just a little bit more, um, voluptuous than usual. How can she sing in something that, um, form-fitting? I mean, her diaphragm must have been totally constricted! And, is it me, or is Donatella Versace looking just a little bit, um, embalmed lately? Whew! That whole fashion show looked like one fierce MESS!

ugh mariah's areolas look like they are a centimeter from being visible - put that sh!t away and get some clothes that fit girl!

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