Jesus' Tour Stops By Santa Catarina

After kicking off his first ever tour in Fortaleza on Saturday night, Jesus Luz put his recently acquired DJ skills to the test in Balneário Camboriú on Sunday night.

I love that he gets on top of the table to dance at the end of the clip. 

Rumor has it that Jesus Luz requested five bodyguards, and cashed in R$ 18K (or about US$ 10K) to spin for half an hour in Camboriú this weekend. The bodyguard part may be true, but I doubt that he is making that much money DJing already. 

I am wondering if he will be hitting the gay circuit anytime soon.

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looser with a cap "L"

Really ral? The word is spelled LOSER....not LOOSER.

In addition to being super sexilicious, Jesus is one smart young man. The haters just have too much time on their hands.

Sexy Jesus deserves all the rewards of success he has achieved and will achieve in his career (as long as he is not placed in front of the camera nor pollute the air in gay clubs and venues).

I give him credit because at least he is working in something...besides the gigolo thing.Of course he is going to be in the gay club scene soon cause:gay market is a lot of money,he's famous for dating the ultimate gay icon Madonna and basically he is a Model/taxi boy turned dj he is in for the money.

Oh dear! Maybe Madonna can have Junior Vasquez give him some tips.

in his case its LOOOOOOOOSER with lots of "O"s

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