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19-year-old Mattheus Lian from São Paulo emailed me his pictures recently, and asked me if I could post them here on MIB. Well, here they are and I hope you guys like them. View more after the jump.




I love the third pic the one where he is wearing the black rolling stones tee

There's room in my mailbox for him ANY time!:)


I, too, echo Kenn's sentiments! There is defnitely much room in my mailbox for this cutie any any time!

Super cute :)

Very nice! Best wishes to you, Mattheus!

Lots of potential!
Strong face, beautiful lips - a true example of a Brazilian beauty.
I loved him!

Sigh. He's beautiful. All I get in my e-mailbox are spam for "the little blue pill".

hello,'re very handsome.......keeping always from dad in indonesia

Matt is a nice boy ! I m french and I think he must be doing a beautiful career in our country and in Brazil ... he is young, beautiful and gorgeous in these pictures ... long life for you Matt.

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