Prada, Rio 2016, Twitter, And Cauã Reymond Playing Gay


  • It is going to be a crystal clear pantless spring according to Prada. Lucite is back (and I can only imagine what exciting news that will be for Brazilian women).
  • Fantastic Man has launched a new website.
  • South America has never hosted a Summer Olympics, but things may change on October 2 if Rio is announced the host city for the 2016 Olympics. Here is why the city is a top contender for the bid.
  • TV presenter Luciano Huck is the first Brazilian to have over a million followers on twitter.
  • Gisele works a maternity dress.
  • If you happen to bump into Cauã Reymond at a gay club in São Paulo, it is not your lucky day. The actor is making the rounds at gay clubs doing research for a gay character he will play in a new primetime soap.
  • The short-lived nightclub Megga will reopen in São Paulo tomorrow night with a party headlined by DJ Manny Lehman. The parties at the club will be monthly from now on.
  • The Week is hosting a new all-white theme party tomorrow night called Nuit Blanche.


Re: Cauã Reymond at Gay Clubs...."research!" that is the oldest excuse in the book! ;-)

Come on, people; Caua doesn't need any research. He fits the part perfectly, because he is gay already. Everybody knows that.

Cauã is definitely not gay.

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