Yet Another Jean Carlos Post


Picture from the Drykorn campaign courtesy of Mc2 Model Management.

Fyi, Jean Carlos is shooting L'Officiel Brazil this Sunday in New York. Can't wait to see the result (meaning I hope one of the people involved in the shoot will send me some behind the scenes pictures).


OMG you guys :P

he's getting better and better.

Wonderful to see a man who isn't cmpletely hairless below his neck, a look that certainly has gotten old.

He is like, scared of the lady with the razor, right?

Uhm ... His chest is totally hairless! He has a much better profile than straight on, straight on he looks relatively average.

getting really old this guy. they're trying to make him into something he's not. he's just another underwear model with a body. can't stand to see him in another post.

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