Madonna And Jesus In Jerusalem


Madonna and Jesus made a late-night visit to the Western Wall after landing in Israel yesterday. Madonna is performing the two last concerts of the second leg of her Sticky & Sweet tour in Tel Aviv on September 1 and 2.


They're cute together <3

Sorry but I really don't get the fascination! Sure the kid got lucky but is it something to celebrate? If it were a girl, would it have the same appeal? In 1 year, will people even remember him? When looking at Brazilian arm candy, at least Lorenzo Martone is a real adult who has a career besdies being MJ's bf.Jesus is just a kid,a lucky one but still a kid.

jesus and madonna have no chemistry. he looks as enthusiastic as a paid escort when they're together. their affection seems very staged. i hope he's being smart and banking his money because when madonna is done -- she's done.

It could be they are just friends. Who knows. Whatever their relationship is, I hope it's a happy one.

Yes, this boy's carreer will drop down to zero, when Madonna kicks him out. Let's hope he is saving his money.

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