Dior Homme, Balenciaga, The Model Home Project, And Jesus Luz

  • Here is a sneak peek at the Dior Homme fall 2009 campaign featuring Brazilians Francisco Lachowski, Reinaldo Berthoti, and Thiago Santos. 
  • Jennifer Connelly is the fall 2009 face of Balenciaga
  • Gracie Carvalho in yet another ad campaign this season.
  • New at the Contributing Editor this week: Hurt.
  • Male models building homes: learn more about the Model Home Project at Models.com.
  • Learn more about Annie Leibovitz financial troubles in the NYT.
  • Madonna and Jesus Luz go out for a romantic walk in Russia.
  • When bloggers go skinny dipping.
  • Actor Reynaldo Gianecchini will play a gay character (more like an evil queen according to the author) in the upcoming Brazilian mini-series Cinquentinha.
  • Model Fernando Fernandes, hospitalized since July 4 due to a serious car crash which resulted in spinal cord injuries, is supposed to leave the hospital this week. 


We were hoping it was MADE IN BRAZIL author going skinny dipping! :-)

Is that Alex's or Steph's naked butt in the swimming pool?

Happy to hear that Fernando Fernandes is supposed to leave the hospital soon. Hopefully, he will be fully recovered from his injuries.

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