Book Him ASAP: Arthur Sales


I have been obsessed with newcomer Arthur Sales since I saw him on the DSquared2 spring show in Milan back in June. So I did a little research and found out that he is represented in Brazil by Recife's EP Models, and that you will soon be seeing him on the pages of Vanity Fair with Shakira and MIB favorites Jean Carlos and Marlon Teixeira. He also just so happens to be in Brazil right now, and is heading to New York soon.

View more polas of Arthur after the jump.



All polas courtesy of EP Models in Recife.


He is so absolutely goegeous. How old is he?

he is like ... perfect.

O.H. M.Y G.O.D !

Nice haircut, perfectly symmetrical abs, and just the right amount of musculature.

I think he is more attractive than Zac Efron. Maybe even more than Robert Pattinson. he is gorgeous.

His light pink lips, his innocent smile.... I just can't take it. It is too much!

His beauty is dangerous,he's a pervert angel,I feel it.

He's handsome, ideed.
But he gotta get rid of this facial expression. Trying to make his lips look bigger and stuff, like Keira Knightley.
"Look at me, I'm cute and sexy". Maybe it's just the age, when he grows older, he'll be better.

This guy is gorgeous.

Você não fazem ideia de como ele (além) de bonito, está evoluindo nas fotos. Aguardem. EP Models Agency.

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