You Gotta Love Swimsuit Season


Davi Costa for Gianfranco Ferré beachwear.


Awful photoshop editing,the belly/stomach part is unnatural,he looks like a doll(the arms are untouched,you see the difference)

It looks so photoshoped. :(

whoever did this retouching should be fired. and whoever approved this retouching needs their eyes checked because this is probably one of the worst retouching jobs I've ever seen. They didn't even try to make his body look natural. come on now!

And it is not like Davi needs help from photoshop to look good.

Agreed. I think it's interesting that we're starting to see more photoshop done to the bodies of male models. And it's even more interesting that it's becoming so obvious. Maybe they're trying to make it obvious so that us guys KNOW that certain aspects of that body type are unrealistic and almost impossible to obtain. Either way "I Live to Be Model Thin" haha

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