Lazy Days Of Summer


Jean Carlos photographed by Adam Gardiner and styled by Glenmore. View more after the jump.






Pictures courtesy of Adam Gardiner and Mc2 Model Management.


if my bf started loathing around the house with briefs on, i would never leave the house XD

Haha! If only every man looked like that whilst lazying about the house playing their Xbox.

Só eu acho que ele tem cara de pedreiro melhorado?

não Imagem. finalmente alguém falou

He doesn't look like a blue collar guy. He looks like a BRAZILIAN. I've always said so. He is a genuine example of Brazilian beauty. If you want european beauty, look for it in Evandro or André. But if you want the authentic, mixed race, tenacious, hot brazilian beauty, Jean Carlos is the perfect example.

Nice variety of different poses for the beautiful Jean.

Ainda assim cara de pedreiro melhorado.

i much prefer him to say evandro or andre. jean is da real thang.

If u want to see real guys stroll around the street... he looks like builder.

NIce Shots!

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