Gisele And Jesus Luz At São Paulo Fashion Week


As if the three exits by La Bündchen weren't enough to attract the attention of the Brazilian media, Colcci closed the first day of shows last night in São Paulo with a cameo by actor Rodrigo Hilbert, a shirtless (and super buff) Jesus Luz, and Madonna blasting on the soundtrack. Regardless or not if it was a strong collection, people will certainly be talking about this show, which is precisely what Colcci wants.

View more pictures and videos of Gisele and Jesus Luz on the runway after the jump.




How much do you want to bet that Dolce & Gabbana are also sending him down the runway shirtless in Milan?

Update: here is a candid video of Jesus shirtless on the runway.


What's with the arm-swinging? Is Jesus trying to be Bernadette Peters?

Finally a non mediocre Colcci collection since the change of designer. It was truly wondeful, well for me at least. I wonder if it turned out so great because of the styling or the actual raw collection?

P.S Ana Claudia looked stunning to me at this show, and Jesus's walk is awful. i think he was really nervous cause it felt rushed. in his first entrance it was like he couldnt get out of there any faster

O que são essa tetas do Jesus ???? Credo!


Pathetic idiotic walk, gross attitute.

Gisele is the is the most amazing model ever!!!!!
I really really love her she is the best
I wish all the pics in the post were about her cause she is just amazing

Love the collection! Great neon colors, golden pastels... S2 Observers parachute-landed on the island populated by hotties!

Ok, Jesus has proven that he is horrible in print and on the runway. He better hold on to Madonna for dear life. And only one Black model in the whole show? Yeah, truly "memorable." Barf.

WOW..those are some major steroid pecs, bet his back is covered with achne

Rodrigo Hilbert is so cute

I think this collection got a bit better then Colcci average... but I still think the millions they spend with casting would be better spent in making a better collection.

About Jesus Luz: He is loosing a GIANT opportunity to be really big (at least for a while) by not preparing himself better, and sticking with this attitude. I don't think I feel bad for him...

Jesus with your catwalk? I dont think so...something likes 'Monkeywalk' with bird expression.

DAMN! Jesus is FINE! He looks amazing! Awesome body! I couldn't take my eyes off him. I am not a fan of his face in fotos, but on the runway he looked great! WOW!

has anyone noticed that Jesus Luz looks EXACTLY like that hobbit Elijah Wood???

i love gisele!!!

i love how they had the madonna music, that was so on purpose

Hi bloggerquest,

I've always said that Jesus is a hobbit from middle earth!

"has anyone noticed that Jesus Luz looks EXACTLY like that hobbit Elijah Wood???"

I surfed the web to find this

If Gisele is not saving Colcci from sinking call Jesus, He may help.

Its so said to see what Colcci's collection has become.

What about that bitch tits?

Gisele is fine, I could never understand why she became so big, because for me I think that she is "just a fine model" ... not the best or most beautiful though... as far as Jesus, he is just a joke, I bet that Madonna (if they really ever had anything sexual) is the one on TOP ... period lol (he is a girl... ohh please... it's sooooo clear)

Anyone know where I could find that specific remix of Hung Up? Any leads would help! Thanks!

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