Backstage At Reserva


I had to skip the shows in São Paulo this season because of my trip to New York, but that doesn't mean that I am not going to post pictures from one of my favorite backstage areas.

View more pictures of the boys at Reserva and a video of Christian Rosa in hair and make up after the jump.






Video courtesy of my friend Lula Rodrigues.

(Source: Agencia Fotosite)


These photos are really great. Who is the aristocratic looking boy on the first photo after the jump?

Who is that HOT guy on the right of the first pictures?

We all owe Lula Rodrigues a debt of gratitude for the video of Christian Rosa. Thanks Lula!

First picture is of Felipe Torreta and Igor Monteiro. Second is Luiz Afonso and Dante.

i need to move to Brazil now, so many beautiful people and talented designers.

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