An Update On The Pride Parties

Fr050509 As if it wasn't enough that nightclub The Week is hosting a five-day music festival with seven parties during São Paulo Gay Pride next month, promoters and other clubs are also announcing some serious attractions for the weekend of June 14.

Celebrating the year of France in Brazil, bloggers Marcos Costa of Carioca Virtual and Ailton Botelho of Vipado will be hosting La Fête du Roi on June 12. The party has hit facebook, twitter, and orkut, in order to select twenty influential guys in Brazil and overseas who will have the right to decide who gets in and who doesn't. All I know so far is that the party will be a private event for 500 guests and that wristbands will be given out the night before the event. Location and line up have not yet been released.

Flex may be a good option on the night of June 11. Along with E*Joy, the club is throwing a bash at the very chic Terraco Daslu with Spanish DJ Iordee and Brazilian Ale Bittencourt. Flex will also be hosting an all-girls party called La Madame at the actual nightclub on the night of June 11, and the MEGA Flex party on June 12. DJs George Porgie, Eric Cullenberg, and Ana Paula have already been confimed.

Expect a complete São Paulo Gay Pride party guide on MIB by the beginning of June.



Pride Sp 2009!


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