Jesus Talks On National TV

Jesus Luz talked to Brazilian TV show Fantástico about Madonna, his modeling career, and his boy toy status. I have translated excerpts from the interview broadcast last night after the jump.

Fantástico: Did you ever expect that your career would change overnight and that you would achieve such success?
Jesus Luz: I did believe that someday something would happen. I just had no idea of what it would be or how big it would be. Many people had told me to stop modeling and get a regular job.

F: How did you meet Madonna?
JL: We were introduced by photographer Steven Klein. I thought she was a wonderful person, full of positive energy.

F: Who is Jesus Luz?
JL: I am a pretty easy going guy. I was raised in Rio, I've always loved nature, the beach, and being in tune with my body and my health. I have always been very connected to my spiritual side as well, and have always been interested in different religions. I have been to the Evangelic Church, the Catholic Church, and practiced Yoga, in my search for God.

F: Jesus, now I have to ask you the question everyone wants to ask: are you and Madonna dating? Are you guys getting married?
JL: She is someone I truly admire, a friend who is in my life, who I have worked with, and who I keep in touch with. I can't say anything else besides that. She is a friend, and nothing but a friend.

F: The international press has been calling you Madonna's boy toy. Does that bother you?
JL: Actually I have never cared about what other people say about me because if I let people's negativity enter my life then I will not be able to stay focused and follow my path.


I am in love, he seems to be a very smart guy

Facts from the interview:

1) He is gay

2) He uses more eyeliner than Elizabeth Taylor in 'Cleopatra'

3) His right eye is always more opened than the left eye. Looks weird.

4) He was extremely poor before being adopted by Madonna.

I don't get it ... Madonna rarely does interviews & doesn't really speak to the press yet he's constantly [trying] to sell pics, being photographed jewelry shopping & now giving interviews. I'm just surprised Madonna is alright with it all. Also, with people being skeptical about his intentions you'd think he'd try & limit the fame whoring ... It just seems he's with Madonna for all the wrong reasons.

I stopped the video at the very beggining to check if he was wearing mascara or eyeliner. And he really isn´t!
Just very thick and dark eyelashes.
But I don´t think he´s atractive AT ALL!!! With those eyes, he´s a complete WEIRDO! And if he´s with Madonna for the press or fame, he´s really not doing it well! He looks shy, lacks charisma and has no personal shine what so ever! I really doubt he´s gonna deliver as a supermodel or ...DJ for that matter.
And I think he was extremely poor like someone said. He was not living in the slums or anything.

Yes, I agree it is not eyeliner. But he is using that thing that thickens the eyebrows. In Brazil it is called rimel.

I still think he was very poor. Just look at his buddies, his insecurity and his lack of poise.

to Luck's comment"he´s a complete WEIRDO!"...

His eyes is beautifully stunning... I don't care about if he was poor or not well-educated... he is one of those born to making a living just by his look.... he is not a talk show host or anything... he don't need to open his mouth, so I don't care about his charisma or personal shine...

if he is weirdo (by your "standard"), I won't mind being a weirdo looking like that!!!

P.S. I mean eyelashes, not eyebrows!

C'mon you guys, he is looking a "little bit" weird!!!!
Especially his eyes. And the only thing I find attractive about him is his voice.

Sometimes he looks pretty good, but during this interview his eyes, especially his right one, seem to be too wide open. It just does not look normal. Perhaps he was very nervous during the interview. Note to MIB: Thanks for translating excerpts from the interview. Otherwise, I wouldn't have a clue what was being said. By the way, do you native Brazilians learn English as a second language when you attend school in Brazil? I know Portugese is the "official" language, but just how many of you speak English in your homes or at work? Just a few questions from a curious New Yorker.

Hi Steve,
Brazilians do learn english at school, but they can only really become proficient if they attend a private course in addition to the official one. The english that is taught at school is technical and of introductory level only. And if you learn it at a public school, chances are that your learning will be below introductory level. :(

Well, he seems to be very grounded and very humble. Perhaps he did not anticipate all the attention he'd get from being Madonna's friend. And, I think that's all he is--her friend! People are so jealous these days. Madonna's a big girl. She's been there, done that and done it again. She's still around because she's smart and she's talented. Age is just a number. It shouldn't matter his age or her age or anyone's age. That's the trouble with bitchy queens. And Jesus has it right: don't worry about what people say and keep their negativity out of your life.

not to be a bitchy Queen, but mo is not talented, just lucky!!!!!! Jesus seems like a cool guy and I bet none of jealous fags can hold a candle to him in the looks department.

Could anyone possibly be with maddona for the "right reason"? I think he´d be a total loser if he didn´t take full advantage of the fringe benfits of madonna´s friendship. I mean, she´s talented and admirable but could you imagine having to stand her all day?

It´s not about my standards! He´s not bad looking. Just not my type I guess...

S, maybe charisma doesn´t mean a thing to you, but it does to those who hire/cast him, i can´t see people going nuts to have him in their campaing or fashion shows for any other reason then being mad´s boytoy!
His looks are not very nowadays fashinable. Just flip a GQ or something.

I´m sorry about the eyes. BUT IT DOES look spooky! I watched it with 3 other friends and we all agreed he looked like a mix between the Olsen twins and the Children of the Corn!

Thanks Lucius for answering my question. You are always helpful to me whenever I have a question about Brazil. You must have taken some of those private courses because your English is impeccable. Congratulations to you and also to MIB whose written English is also perfect. Thanks again.

there's something about him..i think it's def his blue eyes they really ummm POP

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