A Sneak Peek At The New Issue Of A Capa


The new issue of gay magazine A Capa is out this week, and it features 29-year-old Bruno Spinelli on the cover, and in a spread shot by Pedro Stephan. Made In Brazil has a very exclusive look at the spread. View more pictures after the jump.




If the coverboy happens to look familiar, it is probably because I posted several pictures of him back in December when he was hoping to get cast for season 9 of Big Brother Brazil.

The magazine used to be only available in São Paulo, Rio, and Florianópolis, but from this month on you will also find A Capa in clubs, bars, and restaurants in Belo Horizonte and Curitiba. Make sure to pick up a copy.


Ele sofreu a felina na vida dele!

Que gostoso.... uma cara de safado.............

His X-rated MSN video is 30 minutes long and OMG, I got sooooo happy.

Guys, please post the link to the XXX rated MSN video. I would like to see it. Is the boxer dog in the video too? :)

omg guysssssssss,please upload the video or send me the link since the felina thing blog isnt online anymore :(

Cassio, please provide us with a link to Bruno's MSN video that you enjoyed so much. Thanks.

Yet again we blacks are invisible from anything that is Brazilian.

Would love to see that MSN video too. But in the meantime there is this: http://www.itsallgay.com/video/23339/Muscular-Dude

Thanks BLA. The guy does have a big richard, and a nice tanline!

He's also known as Bruno Moraes.
Hope to see him in BBB10; he deserves another chance to get selected.
More photos here http://www.charmants.com/2009/05/14/bruno-spinelli-covers-revista-a-capa-haunts-dreams/

I thought maybe this was Bruno Moraes. Thanks for confirming, Lupe. I used to like to watch his selection vid for BBB on Youtube. I don't know any Portuguese, but I liked watching the video because the accent with which he spoke Portuguese was so very beautiful. Does everyone in and around Rio de Janeiro sound like that?

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