A Government Plan To Defend Adoption And Civil Rights Of Gay Couples

 The Brazilian Federal government released yesterday in Brasília the Plano Nacional de Promoção da Cidadania e Direitos Humanos de LGBT, a groundbreaking national plan to promote rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transsexuals. The plan is composed of 51 key policies developed in June of 2008 at the National LGBT Conference. It includes:

  • the legalization of adoption rights by homosexual couples, and the equality of civil rights of homosexual couples.
  • the development of a sexual diversity educational program in the curriculum of military and police officers.
  • the revision of the current restriction for homosexuals to donate blood.
  • the right to automatically change name and sex without having to file a lawsuit in the case of transsexuals.
  • rating television programming which contains homophobic content as inappropriate for children and adolescents.
  • adding homosexual families as a theme to educational books.

The plan may also play an important role in the legalization of gay civil unions on a federal level, and in the approval of the law which criminalizes homophobic acts.

More at: UOL Notícias, A Capa.  


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