Speedo Sundays


Actor Mário Frias, Made In Brazil's latest obsession, at the beach in Barra da Tijuca on Friday.





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(Source: AgNews)


Tight Speedo, bulge, wet..

that's truly my daily inspiration!!

And can someone tell me why it is always hotter to see the bulge than seeing the real thing??!!

that´s because the desire it´s in the occult

What mesmerizing pictures of delicious manhood!I introduced my jaw to the floor before I was overcum(!)with the vapours.It was too much.Please don't do this to me again.Not!

the guy in red isn't bad either!

ele e o thirry figueira deram uma afinada boa e estão ready to be

more more more

Well, he sure is HOT! But, the backside of the guy in the red Speedos ain't too shabby either!

Speedos are nice, but what about some Brazilian cut bikini briefs or maybe some thongs?

Surely he got a better shape than we have seen in other days. He was very "bold" and then... some exercises, there he is, back to his original shape.

The red buns win...now what is his groin like? Fire the photog!!

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