Exclusively At Made In Brazil: Thiago Vieira For Junior

Model Thiago Vieira graces the pages of the December issue of Junior. Below are two exclusive shots which did not make it to the magazine.



More pictures of Thiago here and here. The shots featured in the magazine are after the jump.



All pictures by Didio, courtesy of Junior magazine.


vocês deveriam parar com essa moralismo estranho de colocar modelos cobrindo a genitalía, que não seja dura mas livre, qual é problema?Gente século 21 lembra?Fala-se de preconceito mas vocês mesmo criam,evitando os rapazes de ficarem pelados.

The only photo I really like is number 3. This guy has a perfect body, truly beautiful, but the photographer used too much contrast and bad lighting (shadows). Didio, you can do better than this!

Wish that I could see whats behind his hands :-)

I like them all but #4 is my favorite. This is the kind of model who looks good under any lighting.

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