A Model's Life: Alessandra Ambrósio On YouTube

Chanel Iman TV has its days counted now that Brazilian bombshell Alessandra Ambrósio has launched a reality series on YouTube entitled A Model's Life. I could tell you what it is all about, but why not just let Alessandra do the work?

As if she wasn't already insanely cute, she was one of the first girls ever to send me a picture with a Made In Brazil sign, which is even more reason to love her.

The first clip of Alessandra diving in St. Barths went live yesterday. Am curious to see what's next.


That is LAME!

Seriously, a model's life video diary?
Why doesn't she say everything in Portuguese? English seems to be so hard for her. She sounds bad. Her English is for communication, not good enough to present an internet show type of thing.

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