Speedo Sundays


Models backstage at the Rosa Chá show at Claro Rio Summer. Watch the video of the show below.


hi, who is the guy on the left? hotness

Which one $lept with Mario Testino?

The boys in the picture are Erasmo Viana, Ramirez Allender, and Alex Schultz.

Yeah who is that guy? he is gorgeous!,they all are,very hot guys
cool bathing shuits,nice robes,pretty girls
Amazing show poor girls it must be hard to walk in stiletto heels in wet floor!

Love the catwalk, love the models AND most of all, love the soundtrack of the show...
These Madonna songs were perfect rearranged...

that hot guy is erasmette!! my contarraneo from salvador bahia, the same state adriana lima! old friends the 3 of them. love them!

* thats his nickname, his real name is erasmo moura.

It takes skill to maneuver in stilettos in water. The bottoms of the shoes have been taped to be less slick but it is still a challenge. Just one more of the abilities that these women have had to develop to be the best. However when they fall, and it happens, it really looks terrible. At that point it is all about recovering with style. Kind of like Carie Bradshaw did in that Sex and the City episode!

I feel like fainting...

I see what one of the above respondents mean when he alludes to the water bit! Damn! If I were a woman/model, I would have difficulty being involved with this. After all there is something called dangerous vs being safe yet creative!

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