Full Frontal

I know that the Tom Ford spring ad campaign with Brazilian Alex Schultz naked is old news, but a new image from the Terry Richardson shoot surfaced this week, and I figured I would share it.


Click here to view the full picture. Warning: NSFW.

More at: Alex Schultz Takes It All Off For Tom Ford (NSFW)


These ads are funny and subversive. I like them. The photographer has a sense of humour and a taste for beautiful things.

And Schultz has a HUGE Richard. :)

I have to admit, Alex has a nice one down there.

Corny. Bland.
Poorly art directed/styled...
Sorry Terry, although i love your work... these shots fall flat.

Its like we are expected to look at this shot and go, "Look, one of them is naked...oooooooh".

Yuk! Yuk! This pic is rather bland and quite uninteresting to me. So he's nude, but his unbuffed or distinctinly defined body does absolutely N O T H I N G for me!!!!!

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