Olympic Moment

Brazilian gymnast Diego Hypolito was the favorite to win gold in the floor exercise yesterday. His floor routine is one of the most difficult in the world, and features two tumbling moves so unique they carry his name. After nailing pretty much every single tumbling pass though, Diego fell on his final landing, finishing in sixth place.


Had Diego won, he would have been the first Brazilian Olympic gymnastics medalist. Watch his floor exercise on the video below.

With the entire country counting on a gold medal from him, I can only imagine how he felt yesterday.


So sad!! He nailed this in the world championships last year!!

Uma pena que o Diego não conseguiu, ele realmente é excepcional e merecia ganhar.
Mas tenho uma suspeita: talvez ele tenha burlado as regras de abstinência sexual na Vila Olímpica e por isso não pôde se concentrar direito.
Afinal de contas, é fato que uma das varas da atleta brasileira Fabiana Mürer desapareceu das instalações olímpicas. hehehe
Adoro esse blog.

I nearly cried for him after his fall. What a truly sad moment! Also, can Brasil please send some cute gymnasts to the next Olympics? RS

I wept when Diego couldn't do his final landing. I wanted him to win the medal so much. Well, when you think about it, he was one of the best amongst the best in the world. God bless him for his discipline and dedication. Diego, you will have some great days ahead in your life.

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