Gymnast Or Skater Boy?

Top Brazilian gymnast Diego Hypólito took a break from his training yesterday to go skating in Leblon.


With the Olympics are around the corner, I hope that one of the gay magazines in the country will do a sexy spread on him. It's about time. (Image Source)


he is such a bottom... oh well, i gues this is a ~secret~ in brazil..

You say that like it's a bad thing, Jude.

no it's not, david. but he acts like he is straight and people seem to believe.
save the bottoms!

If you hear any two words he says, it is enough to conclude that he is gay. He is quite effeminate.

He doesn't have a cute face, but he has a perfect body. I would love to see him half-naked in a sexy spread.

I think he's a top lol

Who cares what his sexual position is? What else can one say about the guy who does absolutely nothing for me. He's much too pallid!

I really don't care if he is or not gay.. but would be interesting my dream some day becomes a reality with Diego Hypolito:)

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