A Semana: The Hulk, Cavalli, Celine, Batman And Robin

Brazilian actress Débora Nascimento is part of the cast of the new Hulk movie, shooting in Rio this week. The crew is reportedly staying at the recently opened Fasano, and at Caesar Park in Ipanema.

Designer Kris Van Assche was in São Paulo this week, casting for the next Dior Homme show. Names on his list of options include Martin Kunzli, Rafael Swarovsky, and Igor Monteiro.

In less than two hours, shoppers cleared the racks at the H&M flagship on Fifth Avenue in New York, buying every single item available from the retailer's collaboration with Roberto Cavalli. The designer himself was there along with model Jessica Stam, watching the mayhem.

After announcing a partnership with Eastpak, Raf Simons is at it again. The Belgian designer is rumored to have signed with Fred Perry to develop a menswear collection, set for a fall 2008 debut.

Stream Alicia Keys' new album As I Am on MTV.com now. I got a copy of it this week, and have been playing it non-stop. It is r&b at its best. I also highly recommend picking up Seal's System, which was produced by Stuart Price and sounds like a soulful version of Confessions On A Dancefloor.

The greatest singer in the world covers Heart's Alone on her new album. Watch her perform it live.

The new play A Vida Secreta de Batman e Robin (or The Secret Lives Of Batman & Robin) is getting buzz in São Paulo for portraying the duo as a gay couple who sleeps together in the batcave. With the Village People and Donna Summer on the soundtrack, Batman reveals that he wished he were Butterflyman.

This week's Veja São Paulo gives an in-depth picture of the real story behind the wave of attacks and murders by punks and skinheads in the Jardins neighborhood over the last year. The article also finally confirms what the police was afraid to report: the death of French tourist Gregor Erwan Landouar, stabbed on Gay Pride weekend, had a homophobic explanation.

The Miami Herald examines racism and discrimination against blacks in Brazil. I suggest all of you take the time to read it.


Physician, heal thyself.

I found the Miami/Herald articles very interesting. One question though, why in the coverage you give re: Brasil, are all of the people, models etc, always, white or merino? They certainly do not represent the Brasil I know, having lived there for several years, where are the Afro-Brazilian models?

more than interesting ...eye-opening and informative. lets us know if ou come across more articles like the one from the herald.

Finally actually read it, and found this:

"The changes mark a dramatic shift in a country that claims more than 90 million people of African descent but looks almost completely white on its TV screens and in its halls of power."

...and on its blogs, one might add.

"This week's Veja São Paulo gives an in-depth picture of the real story behind the wave of attacks and murders by punks and skinheads in the Jardins neighborhood over the last year."

I'm speechless and disgusted by the whole thing. Thank you for the link...and what a fantastic blog!

I agree with Booogiedown's comments above. The "Miami Herald" series of articles about the plight of Blacks in Latin America is rather interesting and eye-opening. It reinforces how much work is still needed to accomplish some acceptable level of racial equality in this world. I also agree that much of Brazilian media that I have seen (including this site, which I do like) shows every little, if any positive representation of Afro-Brazilian people and/or models.

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