The Naked Boy From Ipanema

Other than ex-Big Brother Brasil Kleber Bam Bam back in January, G magazine has been having a rather mild year when it comes to its cover models.

Things are bout to change this month thanks to 24-year-old model Filipe Iecker. The blond surfer agreed to pose naked for the October issue (and to sport masks, harnesses, and handcuffs).

When asked by Folha Online if it bothered him that gay men would masturbate to his pictures, he replied "It doesn't bother me to feel desired. I actually like it. I have many gay friends, and no prejudice whatsoever."

The cover of the magazine and more pics after the jump.

For a making of video of the shoot, visit G Online. More on the magazine coming soon.


Filipe is a BABE!

G for GOD!! Damn, that boy is HOT!

Filipe is very very sexy and I look forward to models of this calibre appearing in G.

I agree it has been a so so year for cover models - but Kleber, Iran, The triplets and Rafael last month are not so bad IMO.

p.s. Giselle was here in my hometown Melbourne promoting her thongs and was a sheer delight to talk to (according to many interviewers here).

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