Taking Chances With Celine

It is semi-pathetic the fact that I am excited that Celine Dion is coming out with a new album. I have been listening to the first single Taking Chances for the past month basically because I feel she is singing about me (even though we have obviously never met and she doesn't write her own songs).

The video for the single is finally out, and although it doesn't feature any hot guys dying on a bike accident in the middle of a storm, it still manages to be corny. Here is the guilty pleasure of the week:


You are not alone- I am suffering from a bad case of Celine Fever right now!
(I have been dying to use that one, hence I need to get out more.)
Love the new song! The video is just enough to peak my interest... can't wait for the album release!!!

Don't feel ashamed. It is a v good pop track. And she has the pipes for it.

I simply cannot wait for this new Celine Dion album and you are not alone. Going to see Celine in Vegas in December before she closes. Eeeeeeee! But I must ask about the video. What does it have to do with the song. There's a disconnect. But regardless, she's back! Yeay!

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