Non-Brazilian Guy Of The Month: Bryan

I was almost feeling over and done with the whole concept of featuring a new model from All American Guys at the end of every month, but when I saw new pictures of Bryan, I felt obligated to post them.

Love that I finally found someone on with a decent amount of chest hair All American Guys. More pics after the jump (semi-NSFW).

Visit All American Guys asap for enlarged versions of the pictures above, as well as videos of Bryan.


YES finally some MEN with some hair on their bodies!!!! Facial hair and some fur is where it's at!!!

I agree there is something about a man with some hair on his body. Just so sexy!

He looks like Ryan Gosling!

You have GOT to start campaigning for more furry-chested guys in Fashion.. eventually it'll trickle down to my local store ;)

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