Too Hot For Monday: Ramirez Allender

It has finally happened: for the month of July Terra is featuring a non-white model on The Boy. Ramirez Allender is a 25-year-old ex-soccer player from Bahia, and is probably the best model Terra has featured yet this year.

If you can stand the heat (it is already burning hot in New York anyway), there are more picures after the jump.

Visit Terra's The Boy for the complete picture portfolio. Click here for the making of video.


Beautiful smile & Beautiful body!

I'll take two, please!


His smile is breathtaking. The last two shots are absolutely gorgeous: the lighting makes it seem as if he has blue eyes. Beautiful.

Great body and a nice package. How much does he charge?

He's definitely too hot for monday - but perfect to heaten up the cold and rainy weather in Switzerland. He's gorgeous - look forward for the members only pictures!

Hey Adamo, I have a question for you.Why did you asked how much he charge??Is that because he is black or because he is brazilian?For your question I can already tell that you are american, right?

What a hottie. I love his smile. So genuine.

He's perfect.

Gosh! It is not always that I become aroused by images... this guy is simply awesome!!!!

wow. double wow.

Accolades go to you for posting pictures of this beautiful and gorgeous man from Bahia, a place that I love second to Rio.

It is hoped that Tera will begin to feature more men of deep hues and scorchingly-stunning physiques and muscularities. Muito obrigado!

um abracos-

THIS MAN IS FINE!!!! Bahia is land of lovely BLACK men!!!!

He is ok, nothing special.

enfin un bahiano..
peut etre les plus beaux hommes du monde!!!
huiyieme merveille du monde o bahiano!

simply superp...........

I just died... again :)

He is so beautiful and i love his gorgeous smile!

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