Air traffic controllers suspend all flights for 6 hours in Brazil

Problems caused by a flawed system of air traffic control started in Brazil late last year, and have tormented travelers for the past few months with flight delays and cancelations on a regular basis. At 6:44pm yesterday, Brazilian traffic controllers went on strike in protest at their working conditions, and all flights were cancelled. Airport lobbies immediately became packed with travelers who were waiting to board. Air traffic controllers returned to work after reaching an agreement with the government shortly after midnight. The effects of last night's strike, however, are expected to last for the next 4 days. The strike also resulted in delays of all major international flights between South American countries and Europe.

In the past six months, pretty much every single flight I booked in Brazil was delayed, and a few were canceled at the very last minute. I hope last night's strike is going to force the government to finally take action to develop a better infrastructure for travelers. People have become so used to these issues that everyone I know books tickets with a two hour window for delays, which is insane when you think about it.


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