BBB7: No Red Underwear Allowed

Diego (a.k.a. Alemão) had already showered naked earlier in the season. Last night while he was sleeping Airton and the other contestats took off his (red) underwear, and he was a pretty good sport about it.

Warning: semi-NSFW. Via Famosos Nus.


He should auction them on EBAY!

This is like the weirdest porn movie.

Airton and Diego want each other bad. Notice how Diego keeps holding the blanket over his crotch after getting the underwear on, and Airton is so intent on getting that underwear.

Actually things went very wrong after this. Diego and Airton had a huge argument about the fact and almost fought physically. Diego said that Airton was not man enough to take the consequences of what he did, and probably he is going to be elected by the week's leader to leave the house, if the public approves.

Hee the song they sing, something with besa besa, what's it called? I really like that song yet I was never able to find it anywhere

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