A Real Big Brother

Big Brother Brasil contestant Iran did not shower naked in the 6th season of the show, but agreed to unveil his (big) assets this month on Brazilian G magazine.

Click here for the making of video of the shoot, and check out more pictures after the jump. (Warning: semi-NSFW).

On more Big Brother Brazil news, 7th season Fernando Luiz has become a favorite of the gays. His mother recently confessed to Mix Brasil that she believes the support from the gay audience is vital in keeping Fernando Luiz in the house. She also mentioned that her son would probably not be opposed to posing naked. Good to know.



Wow, he's sexy!! That body!! I don't even mind the little stars covering his stuff!!

I would liked to have seen him in his entirety, but in a way that's all right! He's a vision, esp. his bod!!!!!

Can "G" magazine be purchased anywhere in the US? I know I can get it in Brasil, but I, unfortunately, do not have any direct contacts there except for my travel agent.

What would be the cost of this magazine in dollars? I just might contact my ta to procure a copy for me if it's not sold out during Carnaval.....

...."my travel agent"..."TA"..."procure a copy"...damn man get over yourself

in this case, "G" means "gotD*MN"!

MUITO obrigado!

i think its just nice to finally see a hot non white person on this 'ohbraziliansaresohotbutreallywemeanwhitebrazilians' site

please where can i get your magazine



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