Talking About Big Brother Brasil: Kleber Bam Bam

The January issue of G magazine with the first ever Big Brother Brasil winner is already on newstands, and I have to admit it is by far the best spread ever produced by the Brazilian magazine.

When Kleber Bam Bam said he wanted this to be the best selling issue of the magazine ever, he was not joking around. There is a lot more from his 22-page spread after the jump (warning: NSFW).

To purchase a copy of the magazine, check out Brazil On Sale. This is going to become a collector's item.


Uh, wow. He's a handsome man.

not too shabby this one.

y do porn shoots seldom seem to achieve the same artistic level of say 'The Boy' photoshoots? :(

Gorgeous, speechless, ...
Does Big Brother Brazil affiliate with G magazine the same as Baywatch does with Playboy ?

ohlala that's a very hot men toy just for sex nothing else lol

He has an ugly face and an ugly smile, but the body is soooo great...

Put a bag over his face and enjoy the rest!

The model is gorgeous!!Who is he?

Ugly? He is extremely masculine and hot...a real man...

when do we get the unscencored pics!!??

Please, send me this photos without this star Please Please

I definitely "would not kick him to the curb!" He is a sexy and virile hot hunk!

that's good punishment for felipe,after he insult the gays like what bambam did in this magazine

hi, my name is henrik vendraminy, i´m from brasil, i love your homepage! very good!

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