Fotolog Of The Week: E. Bortolotti

Since Fashion Rio is just around the corner, and São Paulo Fashion Week is coming up later this month, I am changing things around here today with a fotolog of a fashionista such as E. Bortolotti instead of the usual surfer from Rio.

And just so that you don't feel like I am being radical here, the traditional fotolog shirtless pictures are after the jump.

Now what's a fotolog without a little underwear picture?

I am still not sure if I am going to keep Fotolog Of The Week as a regular feature on Tuesdays throughout the year, so I am looking for ideas and suggestions from your part. I think more variety in terms of the topic of the fotolog may help make it more interesting in the long run (especially considering I have probably already posted every surfer and beach bum in the country). What do you think?


hi, who are you ?

Meu amigo sendo citado! Arrasou.

Além desta paisagem magnífica, é um ser maravilhoso. Parabéns.

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