Fotolog Of The Week: X Tudo

While I am still deciding what to do in terms of fotologs this year, X Tudo motivates me to keep on finding new ones a weekly basis. Nothing like a creative fotologger who can use photoshop.

More after the jump, including a cameo by Brazilian DJ Leandro Becker and a lot of posing.

And just how good is this one?


what a babe... please keep finding these great looking hunks!

I'm learning Portuguese now.

Gosh, gosh, gosh!!!!! I've surfed the four blogs that you sent to us today! I am anxious to return to "Mother Brasil" as some of us guys and I refer to your country!

These men, men, men, men, men, men, have me wanting to book a ticket right this moment to venture there again!!!!!

these three look like trouble ...

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