Candid Rafael Verga

It is not often that backstage pictures of model Rafael Verga end up in my mailbox, so I thought I would share it with all of you. More after the jump.

Many thanks to the very fashionable reader who sent them. Now imagine if this had been a swimsuit story.


What a cutie!

i'm just here to say that I LOVE rafael verga and these photos that you posted are just.....incredible!
sooo...i've found those photos in the internet and I was wondering if you could help me tell if there are true photos or a just very weel done fake?!?!?!?!
thank you!

the nude photo on the link is real.

Que Macho incrível, não? He is just perfect! is that really his myspace? what is he up to in 2007?

I love Rafael Verga, he´s amazing and I have a doubt: in wikipedia is written that he is bisexual. Is it true? Where does he live? Please answer me.

Well to answer the last two questions no that is not his myspace his real one is:
And yes he really is bi and i don't know exactly where he lives but i think its in California

I don't think he even has a real myspace. Can he even speak/type He's still hot no matter what

he is perfect
look my site ok


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