Dear Mr. Jacobs

I used to see pictures of you looking pale, tired, and like you needed a shower and a personal trainer urgently.

Now look at you: smile on your face, short and clean hair, camouflage cargos, t-shirt with an erotic statement. Either you have been hanging out with John Bartlett a lot, or your beau Jason Preston has been working some powerful magic. Whatever it is, I beg you to please share the key to happiness and a healthy look with Mr. Slimane as soon as you bump into him.

Picture via at a party for Grace Coddington this past Tuesday at the designer's store.

Soundtrack for this post: Keane's cover of Destiny's Child and Christina Aguilera.


Marc Jacobs has looked really great lately. I've always thought he was a sexy little man, but now much more so. When he first started losing weight some women actually complained about it. Why do women have a problem with men losing weight and getting into shape? Jason must truly be an angel in his life,like Gabriel Aubry is in Halle Berry's. Also, I get sick and tired of Hedi Slimane's moping and his obsession with encouraging men to be weak adolescents forever like he is. I resent the influence that he and Raf Simons had on the industry, although Raf seems to be slowly changing.

Marc looks great, but that boi-candy, Jason is so freakin' HOT! And check out the nice bulge he's packing in those jeans. Madre de dios!!

Marc clearly had some work done to look this good....hey, if you can afford it, go for it. Just don't deny it because you look really stupid.

Its not an erotic shirt, twit. Its the tag for Stiff records.

I remember him on Oprah months ago looking quite plum and tired and sloopy with long hair. I really didn't think that he was the famous Marc Jacob. But now - wow!! Good on him.

Oh man, Marc Jacobs HAD great style. It looks like he's dressed up like a clone-fag as a joke! Marc, please go back to looking fantastic (because you did) and don't let your twink pseudo-boyfriend brainwash you into thinking that what you're wearing is ok. You know better then this.

Et tu Marc... Once you had great style, that set you apart from the gay mainstream... Once Sofia Coppola was your muse... Once you were different... But obviously you don't want to be different anymore, you want to perfectly blend and loose yourself into the Roxy crowd. You don't really care about great style, you want the same hair like everyone in your gym. You have replaced Sofia with your adorable cute boyfriend with big package.
Bless you Marc for finally being happy and for being the clone that you've always secretly been inside. You deserve final peace.
You will be missed.

Marc looked super before. He looks super now. I adore his fashions. He's a fantastic supporter of AIDS causes. Marc Jacobs is an adorable man. I hope that he's very, very happy.

Marc Jacobs is talented and amazing....

Jason hmmm he used to live in Seattle and other than starring in porn and being a big bitch I think he best known for his nicknames in the small scene in Seattle.
Jason is best known as the Charleston Whore because he was always cruising the hook up park(VOLUNTEER PARK) looking for sex in the bushes and Gutter snipe for leaving a party drunk stealing someones car and crashing it in the Gutter....where he came from in the first place.

I had the chance once to get into a fight with him at a Lester party a local Microsoft Millionare where he was asked to leave.....and escourted out thanks to my contacts although not Marc Jacobs and Nicole Richie but good enough for me at the time.

Hated by most he may be with Marc but when all is said and done he is just a whore and not even that cute of one.

If Marc has any brains he will dump Jason
and find someone who hasn't had all of Seattle, New York and the gay twink porn industy up his ass.

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