Angels, Gays, and Sex Video Tapes

Sexy move: Gisele launches Victoria's Secret new Very Sexy make up line, and unveils her beauty secrets.

Smart move: The Office gets the gay approval for its coming out story.

Powerful gay move: Reichen Lehmkuhl makes a strong debut on Details magazine Power 50.

Career move: Paris Hilton releases her new video for "Nothing In This World," followed by some hot remixes.

Bad move: General Motors pulls the plug on the campaign featuring Daniela Cicarelli after all the controversy about her moment of fun at the beach. Give it a month or two and her career will soar like never before.

Suggested move: come out already, Clay Aiken. Even Diane Sawyer does not buy it.


Muito bom a seleção dos clipes!

Parabéns pelo trabalho no butch, já tinha visitado o site antes, mas não sabia que era seu trabalho!
Pena que não acho muitas lojas online que vendam os produtos deles....

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