Caught On Tape

MTV presenter Daniela Cicarelli (also know as the ex-wife of soccer star Ronaldo) was caught on tape on a steamy video with current boyfriend Tato Malzoni at the beach of Cadiz in Spain, where the couple spent some time last month. The amateur video showing the couple getting very frisky has taken Brazilian newspapers by storm today, and it is destined to become a hit on YouTube.

Warning: semi-NSFW bumping and grinding. Thanks Luciano for the heads up.

UPDATE: I guess the video was indeed of Daniela because all copies have vanished from YouTube this afternoon. After half of the country had already watched her having sex in the ocean and rubbing her boyfriend's swimsuit, why bother? Click here for screencaps and here to download the video.


The video is no longer available.


This link is still live:

Salt water in your whatcha-ma-call-it. Ouch!

link down for download:(

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